Yes we CAN can!

At the peak of summer bounty it's often hard to imagine how you could ever eat all of the produce coming out of your garden!

To solve that dillema there are many preservation options: Freezing, Drying, Fermenting, Canning. We got to dive into canning at this workshop and though many people express anxiety about canning with help from Rachel Turiel we found that we can can!


Rachel gave us some great advice about canning...


Follow a recipe

While canning is a great option for preserving food there are some risks associated with canning, since you will be letting food sit for up to a year bacteria and yeast could grow. You want to create an environment that does not allow growth (canning high-acid foods is a great place for beginners to start). As you are learning about canning it is best to stick to a recipe. 

Great resources for canning recipes and instructions:

- The Blue Ball Book
Food in Jars website

Pay attention to detail

This goes hand in hand with following the recipe.

Use good equipmentcans_coming_out_of_water_bath.jpg

This means your canner (make sure all pieces are in good working order) and your jars (use good quality canning jars, make sure there are no nicks or cracks, only use wood or plastic on them, get a new lid for each use).

If you follow these tips Rachel says you will find that canning is neither hard nor scary.

Check out more Do's and Dont's from her workshop handout:Canning_Handout_8.26.14.jpg

Plus here are the instructions and recipe for the delicious canned salsa we made:

*You can find more recipes and inspiration from Rachel on her blog 6512andGrowing.Canning_Recipe_and_Instructions_8.26.14.jpg


Everyone went home from the workshop with their own jar!

We would love to hear about your canning adventures and tips!

Rachel will be teaching September's OKCG Workshop as well, The Art of Fermentation, on Tuesday, September 30th from 6:30-8pm

We loved using Manna Soup Kitchen's new Culinary Training Kitchen for this workshop!


Workshop Presenter  




Rachel Turiel is a freelance writer, urban homestead tender, and aficionado of all things DIY in the kitchen, much to her children's chagrin.

She teaches workshops and blogs at 6512andGrowing.



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