Garden Troubleshooting Workshop

It seems that for all the times that something goes so right in your garden, every season there is something that goes wrong- whether it is the powdery mildew on your squash leaves, the giant green tomatoes that never seem to ripen, or the early frost that takes out your garden before you are ready to stop eating homegrown veggies. Horticultural expert Darrin Parmenter of CSU Extension for La Plata County covered a plethora of common garden hang-ups including plant diseases, pests, and organinc control options. 


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Has anyone had lots of grasshoppers this year?! I know I have (not to mention earwigs!)

HEALTHY PLANTS ARE MORE RESISTANT TO PESTS AND DISEASE. Be preemptive. If you keep your plants healthy by doing things like building good soil and watering well your plants will be able to take care of any pest or disease that comes there way.

WS_Garden_Troubleshooting_8.22.17_photos-007.jpgBut if something does get your plants here a few helpful resources:

CSU Extension Fact Sheets on Disease, Pest, and Weed Identification

OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute published a list off organically certified products to use on your garden).

A great ORGANIC PEST CONTROL method? Make sure your pests natural predators are in the garden. And the best way to ensure that is to give them a home and food - Plant plants that will attract them (ex. zinnias, echinacea, umbel flowers like dill). TIP: Let your veggie plants like lettuce go to see after you are done eating them so they can be a food source for good insects!

Oh, for those earwigs...take a shallow container filled half way with soy sauce and oil and bury flush with the ground. They will crawl right in.

CSU Extension also has a booth at the Farmer's Market every Saturday from 8-12 where you can bring questions (or even samples of plants). There will be friendly Colorado Master Gardener volunteers to help assist you with your questions and connect you with the right resources.



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Darrin Parmenter is the County Director for CSU Extension in La Plata County. He coordinates the horticultural program including the Colorado Master Gardener program.


His knowledge and skills include “Commercial horticulture, Community gardening, Fruit crops, Greenhouse crops, Home horticulture, Master Gardener program, Potatoes, Vegetable crops, Urban forestry, Small acreage management, Alternative crops, Manure management, Organic production, Soil management (compaction, tillage), Sustainable agriculture, Weed management.” 

 Upcoming workshops:

Tool Care: Sharpening, Cleaning, and Oiling before Winter
Tuesday, October 3rd, 5:30-7pm       
@ Ohana Kuleana Community Garden
w/ Brooke Frazer, The Garden Project Manna Garden Manager
DOUBLE Feature:
Tree Care & Maintenance + Deer/Elk Fencing

Saturday, November 4th, 3-5pm
@Animas Valley Grange
Ryan Cox, CO State Forest Service Forester

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