What Do We Do During Winter??


One can only wonder what school gardeneers (yes, it's like musketeers but cooler) do during cold, Colorado winters. Well, we bring the garden into the classroom! This winter, Marissa and Will have been teaching Garden-Based Science Lessons and Junior Master Gardeners Lessons in classrooms around the county.

Our Garden-Based Science Lessons are in full swing! So far, we have taught most of the classes at Park Elementary School. Soon, we will be teaching at Sunnyside Elementary and Riverview Elementary! These lessons are rooted in garden education but are heavily focused on satisfying Colorado State Standards. We have taught kids the different parts of plants, the various uses of plants, cooking with new veggies, companion planting, and much much more! Here are a couple of pictures of the lessons at Park Elementary:

20180205_090514.jpg IMG_9917.jpg


Stay tuned for the Junior Master Gardeners blog post!

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