10th Annual Tour de Farms



As of 9 pm on Friday, Aug 19 there are about 9 spots available for each ride. Show up early at your preferred location tomorrow morning and we may be able to fit you on the ride. We can't make any promises, so don't be disappointed if we can't accommodate you. Thank you.


When: Saturday, August 20th, 2016

What: Tour de Farms highlights what is unique, healthy and homegrown in our agricultural and gardening community.

Short Route:

Meet at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, 2500 Main Ave, at 7:45 am to check-in. Ride departs at 8 am prompt. This leisurely bike ride will visit 3 backyard gardens, Manna Soup Kitchen Garden, and the Miller Middle School Garden in Durango. Approximately 5 miles.  All riders MUST WEAR A HELMET.

Start & End: La Plata County Fairgrounds, 2500 Main Ave. Optional ride or drive down to Ska Brewing for the after-party.

Long Route:

Meet at Ska Brewing, 225 Girard St, at 7:30am to check-in. Ride departs at 8 am prompt. The long tour will go down La Posta Road and CR 214 and will include 2 stops at backyard gardens, 2 farms, Sunnyside Meats and Table to Farm Compost. Approximately 25 miles, for experienced riders. All riders MUST WEAR A HELMET.

Note: We recommend touring, cross or mountain bikes for the Long Route this year. Road bikes will be prone to flats on the rough gravel roads. The terrain for the ride is flat and rolling, paved for 16 miles with 9 miles of gravel/dirt roads.

Start & End: Ska Brewing, 225 Girard St.

After-Party & Local Foods Lunch:

From Noon - 2pm at Ska Brewing, 225 Girard St. Music by Six Dollar String Band, special local food lunch by Zia Taqueria, and beer from Ska.


Partial Benefit for Neil Hannum, Chip Peddler

Our friend and fellow local food advocate, Neil Hannum, was in a traumatic bicycle accident in June. Although is injuries were severe, he is expected to make a full recovery with time. We have increased adult ticket prices by $5 this year so that the extra can go towards Neil's recovery and medical expenses. The Chip Peddler sells his locally sourced, GMO-free corn tortilla chips across town and regularly to Zia Taqueria, who provides the lunch for the Tour de Farms each year. Since the Tour is about bicycles and local food, we think it's a great fit to benefit Neil, such a wonderful member of our community.

Additional donations can be made on Neil's GoFundMe page or locally at the First National Bank of Durango.


Event organizers:

Tour Logistics & Volunteers: Darrin Parmenter, CSU Extension

Registration & Sponsors: Sandhya Tillotson, The Garden Project

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August 20, 2016 at 7:30am - 2:30pm

Will you come?

$80.00 Long Route - Family Rate
$64.00 Short Route - Family Rate
$25.00 Short Route - Adult
$25.00 Long Route - Adult
$15.00 Short Route - Child
$15.00 Guest Lunch Only