Tour de Farms 2014

The 2014 Tour de Farms hosted by Growing Partners of Southwest Colorado was another great success! We rode bikes to area backyard gardens and farms on August 23rd for a inside look at the local food system.

Since two gardens managed by The Garden Project were featured on the short ride, including Needham Elementary and Manna Soup Kitchen, here's a look at some photos from that tour. The long route visited Passion Flower Farm off 250 and then back to the Turtle Lake valley to see sheep and grow domes.

Stop 1: Teresa Shishim's backyard garden. Highlights: biggest kolrabi I've ever seen, fruit trees, and a bean teepee that her daughter Sonora grew.



Stop 2: Needham Elementary School Garden. Highlights: Teachers Beth Saren and Nora Stafford talked about how the garden is integrated into the school's International Baccalaureate curriculum by grade level, also the interactive sundial garden, sensory garden, moon garden - plants all selected by the students.



Stop 3: Chelsea and Buck Farley's backyard garden. Highlights: Raised beds heated by solar hot water pipes to grow amazingly large peppers, tons of beautiful produce and CHICKENS!





Stop 4: Manna Soup Kitchen Garden. Highlights: Tour of the biodynamic garden and beehive by Brooke Frazer (Garden Coordinator with The Garden Project) and Jason Cloudt (Garden Manager / Volunteer Coordinator with Manna Soup Kitchen).




Stop 5: Powerhouse Science Center Garden. Highlights: Chris Cable showing off the beautiful redwood raised beds that he and a board member built & the Southwest Seed Library's great assortment of seeds for the community to borrow and add to the collection.



Until next year....


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