Thrive! Living Wage Certified

We are a Certified Living Wage Employer!

Part of our mission is promoting a sustainable local food system and we believe that in order for food to be sustainable the workers who grow, harvest, distribute, serve, and promote that local food need to be paid a sustainable wage. And that includes our Garden Project employees!

We are excited to be part of the group of local employers working towards the vision of a thriving community through just wages.

If you want to support this vision of a sustainable local food system and the thriving community that comes with it you can spend your money at local businesses like Zia, Eolus and the Ore House, who are building a sustainable local food system by buying from local producers AND who are Certified Living Wage Employers like us! You can also make a donation to The Garden Project!

Find the full list of Certified Living Wage Employers HERE.

Thanks to Thrive! La Plata Living Wage Coalition for the work they are doing and for certifying us!

  • Have you heard of Thrive, La Plata County's Living Wage Coalition?
  • Their voluntary Employer Recognition Program helps promote a livable wage in La Plata County for all employees and boost our local economy
  • In 2014 a living wage for a single person in La Plata County is $12.40 per hour
  • We believe in our employees and want to see them thrive, which is why we applied to be part of the program. We'd recommend you get involved as well!


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