Seed Saving Basics: Cultivating Community Resilience Workshop


Rachel reminded us that when we look at a seed even though "we don't necessarily see anything there is a vital life force" contained within.

The food that we depend on to survive and thrive is contained within that tiny seed.

Here is what we learned about preserving that precious resource, about saving seeds:

OKCG_WS_Seed_Saving_9.21.16-020.JPG OKCG_WS_Seed_Saving_9.21.16-034.JPG

Rachel Bennet from the Southwest Seed Library helped us to explore the value of saving seed through a bio-cultural lense with brief group discussion regarding the GMO concerns and collective seed stewardship.  


(Click HERE for downloadable PDF of handout)


We did some hands-on seed harvest and even got to try our hand at the "wet method" of seed saving which ferments the seeds, tomato seeds in this case, first before drying them for storage.



Congratulations to our PRIZE winnder Allie P. who got to take home her own copy of "Seed to Seed" to help with her seed saving!

Resources: (Complete, free, seed-saving instructions)
- Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth
- The Seed Garden by Seed Savers Exchange
- Permaculture Manual of the Southwest
- Open Sesame - The Story of Seeds (film)

Seed libraries in our Region:

SW Seed Library (at FLC Environmental Center office)
Mancos Seed Library (at the Mancos Library)
- Cortez Seed Lending Library (at Cortez Public Library)
San Juan Seed Savers 
- More listed at Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

There are several more great workshop this season!

Soil Health: Give Back to your Garden this Fall - October 19th
Landowner Resource Panel - October 26th

Weed ID and Control Toolbox - November 1st

These workshops all part of the Conservation Workshop Series presented in partnership between The Garden Project and the La Plata Conservation District.

Workshop Presenter  



Rachel Marie Bennett moved to Durango in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree from Appalachian State University in Sustainable Development/Agroecological Systems.  She loves exploring wild cultivars and traditional regional ecological stewardship practices through local guidance.  Her focus in our area has been cooperative development aligned with earth restoration initiatives. She currently coordinates the Southwest Seed Library based in Durango.  She is also an administrator in The Mother Earth Restoration Trust.  In spare time She experiments with sustainable home practices, particularly in her backyard garden.  It is her intention to continue supporting an awareness of collective stewardship in bio-cultrual regeneration of our natural systems through education and engagement with communities of our region.   


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