School Garden Program '15/'16 Highlights

Our school garden programs have been expanding greatly this past year!


We are making Garden-Based Science Lessons available to ALL K-5 Durango 9-R Schools! Have your student's teacher sign up today!

We collaborated with Durango School District 9-­R’s Science Curriculum Department to align lessons with Foundational Evidence Outcomes (FEOs) and semester pacing.

During the '15/'16 School Year we brought garden programs to Needham Elementary, Riverview Elementary, Park Elementary, Animas Valley Elementary, Sunnyside Elementary & Miller Middle!

We reached over 1,300 indvidual students with 4,239 educational hours! Our School Gardens at Needham, Riverview, and Park harvested 727lbs. of produce!

SCHOOL GARDEN CLASSES reached 408 students with 6 lessons each, connecting the garden to International Baccalaureate themes.


FARMER DAYS connected 1,300+ students at Riverview & Needham to local farmers with hands-on garden activities. 

33 SCHOLARSHIPS were provided to low-income students to attend after-school and summer gardening programs.

School Garden programs are a crucial part of Durango 9-R's FARM TO SCHOOL initiative. We bring taste testings and other garden & cooking activities that increase the likelihood a child will choose to eat more of the fresh, local veggies the district is bringing in to school cafeterias and also at home.

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