School Garden Committee Recruitment

School Garden Committee awareness and recruitment has begun!

We are in the beginning stages of supporting schools with existing garden infrastructure (in use or not) to form school garden committees.

These committees are made up of staff, parents, neighbors, local master gardeners - really anybody who has a direct connection to that school and wants to be involved in maintaining the school's garden.


In recruiting school garden committees that are made up of members beyond just the school staff, we hope to take pressure off of teachers. This way teachers or, as what has often happened, a few teachers are not the only ones responsible for maintaining the physical garden space. Instead, teachers can utilize the maintained school garden/outdoor classroom as they see fit.

School gardens engage students with hands-on curriculum integration that promotes cooperation, healthy living, social and emotional development, nutrition education, environmental stewardship, and a connection to their food system. We need the help of the community (you!) to create this sustainable model for a long lasting school garden for Durango 9-R schools.

The garden committee member responsibilities will be divided up based on the members interests and skills. 

For more information, contact Taylor Henzler at 


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