Reflecting from the 'corp


For those of you I have not met, my name is Chloe and I have spent the past two months working with The Garden Project. After two months of being the AmeriCorp Garden Educator, I have decided to sadly move on. BUT you can't get rid of me yet before I reflect on this 300 service hour journey.... *Que twilight zone music*

I came in to The Garden Project after leading backpacking trips for two months in the San Juans. I did not come into the job with much expectations and jumped right in. I soon was learning about kohlrabi (yes I just googled the spelling), purple carrots, permaculture, edible flowers, worm poo- i mean..castings, composting, the list goes on. The weight of unknown knowledge the garden carried was overwhelming and I found myself asking a kajillion questions everyday. From interacting with volunteers to making goofy social media posts, my favorite part of the job was being with the kids. 

Working with highschoolers in the wilderness all summer, it was a nice change of pace teaching 2nd graders. My goofiness and weird vibes were deemed uncool to the highschoolers, but with tiny humans....0 judgement. I dove right into the chaos of dirt club and became one of the kids. Freaking out about purple carrots, worms, and eating too much of their snacks....I was part of the club. 

I learned how the non-profit world works and how much goes into a simple garden. I am glad to have worked under 3 powerful lady bosses and 1 super chill co-lead. Thanks for the sweet memories...I'll be around if you need a volunteer:)

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