What is this? Are we in the Pacific Northwest?

This is the time of year when gardeners are always second guessing their decisions to plant or to hold off for warmer weather. At Manna we recently planted our lettuce, kale, chard, mustard, leeks, and pac choi plants. Our plants were not fully hardened off so we took some of our agribon and hoops and gave them a light cover, mostly to protect them from the hot Colorado sun. But what happened next was not on my radar. The rain gods moved Seattle's climate to Durango! I always loved Portland, Oregon but I had no idea it was going to come to Durango. We removed our agribon on Wednesday and our transplants are enjoying the unexpected cloudy and cool weather. We couldn't have transplanted on a better day, even though we were a couple of hours off from Maria Thun's leaf planting schedule. We also took the opportunity to turn our compost pile which had started to decrease below the active temperature that is ideal for composting. 



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