Payroll Grant Match



The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado would like to ask for your support for time-limited fundraiser for our school garden programs. We have been awarded a generous grant from The Payroll Department in the amount of $10,000.


Before we can receive our money we need to raise a 50% match from the community. One of our board members is kindly willing to donate $2,500 if the community provides the other $2,500.


We need your help raising these funds before the deadline of October 2nd! Otherwise we don’t get our grant!


This is an amazing opportunity to help us leverage funds and raise $15,000 for school garden programs in Durango! Every $1 someone gives will be matched by an additional $5!


Donate today towards Durango school garden programs! If you give $20 we will receive an additional $100.


What your donation will provide:

Student scholarships for Dirt Club after-school gardening programs

Student scholarships for Jr. Gardeners Summer Camp in 2016

Famer Days at local elementary schools

Development of school garden lesson plans for 9R elementary schools


Potential amount raised:

$2,500 from the Community

will be matched with

$2,500 by a Garden Project Board Member

will be matched with

$10,000 by the Payroll Department

will equal

$15,000 for school garden programs!



October 2nd, 2015


How to Give:

Donate here.


Mail a check to:

The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado, PO Box 4434, Durango, CO 81302