Organic Pest/Weed Management


Ever heard of NoloBait? Diatomacheous Earth? Neem Oil? These were just a few of the things we talked about at the workshop.

Last night Darrin Parmenter, CSU Extension Horticulturist, joined us at OKCG for a great workshop on Organic Pest and Weed Management.

The Ohana Kuleana Community Garden is an all organic garden. No synthetic fertilizers, persticides, herbicides, etc. may be used at the garden. We think this will help the earth and our food to be healthier.

The number one take away from the workshop was:

HEALTHY PLANTS ARE MORE RESISTANT TO PESTS AND DISEASE. Be preemptive. If you keep your plants healthy by doing things like building good soil and watering well your plants will be able to take care of any pest or disease that comes there way.

But if something does get your plants here a few helpful resources:

CSU Extension Fact Sheets on Disease, Pest, and Weed Identification

OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute published a list off organically certified products to use on your garden).

CSU Extension also has a booth at the Farmer's Market every Saturday from 8-12 where you can bring questions (or even samples of plants). There will be friendly Colorado Master Gardener volunteers to help assist you with your questions and connect you with the right resources.

*Don't forget that you and your neighbors are great resources with a wealth of experience amongst you!*

Darrin Parmenter can be reached at

Thanks for the great workshop Darrin!

Do you have any suggestions for great organic techniques for managing pests/disease/weeds in your garden? Let us know!

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