OKCG October Workday: Winterizing the Food Forest

This time of year we are getting the garden ready for winter. In the food forest that means making a nice bed for our perennial plants.

Fall is a good time to plant trees. Once the leaves fall off the tree go ahead and plant it. You can help the plant get a head start on the spring by encouraging root growth in the fall.


Strong roots equals a strong tree.

We wanted to encourage root growth in our already planted trees as well. Here is what we did:

Mulch - This is like a warm blanket for the roots.


Water - 2-5 gallons of 70 degree water with a low nitrogen fertilizer (encourages root growth and NOT branch growth for this time of year).


Tree Tube - protection from sun scaled and drying winds


WD_OKCG_10.11.16-019.JPG    WD_OKCG_10.11.16-024.JPG  WD_OKCG_10.11.16-025.JPG

For more details on how and why check out this great resource that our Permaculture Consultant, Grant Curry from Permaculture Provision Project, made for us:



Thanks to the Permaculture Provision Project interns who came out to help!


Check out more pictures on HERE (scroll to the bottom).

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