OKCG June Workday 2016


The river is reaching 6,000 cubic feet per second this first week of June which means it's HOT! The snow is melting up in the mountains, our river is pulsing with that fresh snow melt, and we are hard at work in the garden.

At our June workday we focused on:

- The Compost Pile

- The Herb Garden

- Thistle Management

Each year we build a compost pile with green material from our garden (usually weeds!) and brown materials (usually dry leaves from the previous fall).


We also did some work on the Herb Garden and Garlic Plot. Tarragon, oregano, chives are all in abundance right now! 


The garlic scapes will be ready to harvest soon.

Thistles are amazing plants that bring up nutrients from deep in the ground to the shallower roots of our other plants. They are also amazing at spreading really fast by root and seed. So we did a little thistle management.

OKCG_workday_Jun_4_2016_0037.JPG         Thistle_1.jpg

Becuase thistle's have long deep taproots that can sustain the plant even if the top gets killed we are going to slowly wear down the plant. We are cutting the thistle at ground level right as the plant's buds are about eraser size. At this stage in the plant's growth the plant will send it's stored energy (from the root) up to grow another plant and flower. As we vigilantly continue cutting the plant whenever it gets to this stage we will eventually wear the plant out so it has no more energy to try again.

Our next Worday & Potluck is

Wednesday, July 6th from 10-12pm,

potluck starts at 12. See you there!

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