OKCG July Workday 2016: Peach Guild

Progress on our Permaculture Food Forest continues. This time under the experienced direction of Grant and Kathy Curry from the Permaculture Provision Project.


At our July Workday we planted a Peach Tree Guild!

Grant is helping us plant our food forest with the idea of creating paradise. What is your idea of paradise? Think back to your childhood, can you remember a time when you felt fed, safe, and exuberant. 

For me that was sitting at my Aunties house in the shade of the mulberry tree, looking out from behind the tall plants around the trunk at the lush garden surrounding me. My fingers stained with the sweet juices of the abundant berries.


Our Peach Guild includes:

1 Redhaven Semi-dwarf Peach
2 Gooseberry (1 Pixwell, 1 Tasty Berry)
3 Horseradish
2 Grapes (1 Vitis 'Beta', 1 Vitis Edelweiss)
1 Blue False Indigo
4 Daylillies (Did you know they are edible!?!)
3 Lupines

Along with the technical support Grant helped inspire us. He reminded us that many of us are drawn to the garden becuase we see that our world needs help.  Permaculture gives us a way to put those thoughts into ACTION.

Here are some videos that Grant recommended:

Discovering an Oasis in the American Desert - Geoff Lawton

The Future of Water - On Netflix - "A look at the deeply intertwined history of humanity and fresh water reveals looming challenges that could upend power structures around the world."

Water Ghandi of India - "Turns dust bowls into lush villages using ancient ways."

Plus lots more videos like this on the Permaculture Provision Project Facebook Page.

Let's grow our paradise! The Earth provides for us as long as we provide care in return. As Grant said, "created by nature, facilitated by good design."

Oh and the Potluck was AWESOME! Thanks to everyone for a great meal. Thanks to Cheryl for providing us with an Inspiration Moment.


Our next Workday & Potluck is Wednesday, August 3rd from 5:30-7:30pm (Potluck at 7:30). See you there!

More upcoming events:

Free Workshop
Your Health and the Microbiomes in Your Gut & Garden
Wednesday, July 20th, 5:30pm

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