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Thanks to FLC Rec Services from OKCG

Thank you to the Fort Lewis College Rec Services Professional Staff and Interns who come out to plant a guild in our food forest in August!


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Healthy Microbiome Workshop - July 2016

Your Health and the Microbiomes in Your Gut & Garden -
Conservation Education Workshop July 2016

robknight_tedbooks_microbes1.jpg"It turns out that we are only 10 percent human: for every human cell that is intrinsic to our body, there are about 10 resident microbes — including commensals (generally harmless freeloaders) and mutualists (favor traders) and, in only a tiny number of cases, pathogens." - Michael Pollen

If our bodies are 90% microbes then we should be paying attention to them!

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OKCG July Workday 2016: Peach Guild

Progress on our Permaculture Food Forest continues. This time under the experienced direction of Grant and Kathy Curry from the Permaculture Provision Project.


At our July Workday we planted a Peach Tree Guild!

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Vermicomposting Workshop - Conservation Education Series

IMG_20160615_182427_250.jpgWe kicked off the Conservation Education Series with a workshop about every gardener and farmer's small friend - the worm!

One of our most basic resources as a grower of any size, from home gardeners to large producers, is our soil! It provides the medium for our plants to grow in plus holds the water, air, nutrients, and microbes our plants need to grow and thrive.

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OKCG June Workday 2016


The river is reaching 6,000 cubic feet per second this first week of June which means it's HOT! The snow is melting up in the mountains, our river is pulsing with that fresh snow melt, and we are hard at work in the garden.

At our June workday we focused on:

- The Compost Pile

- The Herb Garden

- Thistle Management

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May OKCG Workday: Food Forest Planting with Rotary

We had a fantastic first workday of the season at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden.


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What's in a Name: Reflections on 'OHANA

Ohana Kuleana

Have you stumbled over the name of our garden?
Most of us have. The foreign sounds of the Hawaiian words coming out uneasily, uncertainly off our tongues and into the dry air of Southwest Colorado.


What do these sounds mean anyways?
Pronounced "Oh-Ha-Nah Coo-Lee-Ah-Nah", the name comes from Hawaiian terms:

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Season 3 Reflections - Ohana Kuleana Community Garden

With our third season wrapping up we got together for a potluck and some reflection.


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Winterizing Your Garden Workshop 2015

Looking at the ginormous winter squash growing in the garden I am awed by its gargantuan growth and filled with gratitude for the flavor and nutrition it will provide for me this winter. I am also slightly baffled by it's seemingly miraculous appearance from what what just bare soil and a small seed a few months ago.

WD_9.5.15_Photos-024_-_Meghan_and_daughter_Flannery_with_Mama_Pumpkin_Photos.jpgOKCG Members with one of their pumpkins (Each family has their name carved into one)

It makes me want to ensure that the alchemy that plants perform daily will be able to continue next year so I can have another season of beautiful, delicious, and of course nutrient rich vegetables.

Since my plants do most of the work here is my little piece to set them up for success (it's actually providing for their partners underground, the microorganisms, worms, and other decomposers who we have learned hold the real secret to gardening success.)

Thanks to Brooke Frazer, the Manna Soup Kitchen Garden Coordinator, who walked us through the science and how to of winterizing our gardens!

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Extending Your Garden Season: September Workshop 2015

What does "Season Extension" mean to you?

As Mike Nolan asked each group member we listened to responses and it emerged that 'Season Extension', through a variety of methods, is the quest to eat foods out of season

(Post Contents: Heat, Light, and Not Working TOO Hard)


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