New Benches!

If you've been to an Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Workshop than you're familiar with the fact that while our workshops are high quality the straw bale seating is not!


Well good news! We replaced them! With high quality, beautiful, comfortable, sturdy BENCHES! 

BONUS: We built them ourselves!

The beauty of community gardens is that with community support great things happen...namely our benches (can you tell I am excited not to be sitting on a decaying straw bale!)

The first 3 of 12 benches...what a great crew we had at the workday!

The Durango Elk's Lodge provided funding to build benches and continue planting our insectary.

Jake Walsh at JT Builders created a beautiful design and prefabricated the benches for us to put together.

    Jake Walsh and Greg Cairns from JT Builders

Alpine Lumber generously donated the wood. (Its beautiful redwood that should last for a long time even in the elements!)

Members putting together a bench.

And Eva Montane from Abundant Earth Gardens drew up a beautiful design to finish the insectary.


Looking around at the hardworking garden members make these designs into reality I was struck with gratitude for the incredible generosity of our community, the hardworking individuals and businesses who give back to help their community flourish.

DSCN1886-001.JPGOKCG Members and Elks Lodge Member moving tire to clear space to build the Quiet Cairn Corner.

Thank you so much to the Elks Lodge, Alpine Lumber, JT Builders, and Abundant Earth Gardens for helping us grow a healthier community!

Members planting honeysuckle.

If you are interested in trying out the new benches feel free to swing by the garden at 564 E 30th St (Note: The deer fence is locked when garden members are not around). We have a lot more great projects we are working on. If you would like to get involved contact or come by our next workday Thursday, August 7th from 6pm-8pm.

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