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    Roving Garden Crew

    We need your help!! 

    What is Roving Garden Crew?

    This summer, we plan to have workdays on Tuesdays from 4:00 - 6:00 pm and will rotate throughout the community to hit every school garden we can get to. Join the crew!! 


    Who can join?

    Anyone! Gardening can be fun for the whole family! Kristin and Renee, our School Garden Educators, will be at the workdays to help them be a fun, relaxed couple hours where you can come get your hands dirty and do good work!


    But why?

    When the kids leave for the summer, our gardens still need all the care and attention they can get! During the school year, it's easier to incorporate garden work into afterschool programs and Junior Master Gardener lessons, but all that changes once the kids are out of school. 

    How cool would it be if... when the kids come back in the Fall there are potatoes and onions and kale to harvest? ...we can help Middle schoolers sell some of their produce they helped plant in the Spring? ...the garden can be an actual outdoor classroom instead of weedy mulch?

    Roving Garden Crew makes this all possible!!!

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Matt is an Americorps School Garden Educator with the Garden Project.
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