Manna Garden 2016 Season Highlights

Did you know that we harvested 1,335 lbs of produce at the Manna Garden this year? An increase of over 450 lbs from last year!

But that is just the tip of the iceberg....


  • Manna_Market_7.27.16-015.JPGThe new Manna Market served 1,057 people over 6,200 lbs of fresh produce.
    According to WIC’s data collection 92% of the surveyed participants agreed or strongly agreed that the produce from the Manna Market helped their families eat healthier than they would otherwise. 

  • The Manna Market changed the culture of Manna by attracting more families and children. In 2016 the number of children at meals increased by 54%.

  • The Garden Project provided valuable knowledge to the culinary students by introducing them to the “Farm to Table” movement and to current food trends within that movement.
    Four workshops:
    Beginning Gardening and Plant Identification
    Mushroom Foraging
    Fermentation: Kimchi + Sauerkraut
    Introduction to Canning

  • Manna Garden participants made new friends and dug in the dirt at 40 workdays!

Thanks to all the incredible volunteers who come out each week to work in the Manna Garden! FYI Amy Johnston (on the right) recieved out Volunteer of the Year award!

  • Youth from across La Plata County worked together to learn gardening skills and make a difference in their community with over 577 youth volunteer and educational hours.

  • Manna’s Cooking Matters class had 10 participants with 8 people graduating from the 6 week cooking course.

  • Manna_06_08_2016_0009.JPG

    The Garden Project worked with 15 community partners this summer to collaborate on programs, projects, or events. Including recieving a City Block Grant!

  • Manna volunteers and staff put the finishing touches on our hoop house and successfully grew beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers.

  • Trio Upward Bound volunteers filled Manna’s 12 new raised beds with soil, making them ready to plant.

  • Over 30 new perennials were planted around the garden to support the bees.

Plus check out this great new film about the garden at Manna!

Huge thank you to Victor Locke & Mitchell Carter of Durango Government Television (DGOV) for creating this video for us, complete with interviews of our volunteers, partners & staff and great overhead drone footage of all our gardens! We think you'll enjoy watching it!

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