Let's eat!

OKCG_food_basket_Leesa.JPGAs enthusiastic vegetable gardeners one of the primary reasons we grow is to EAT! And boy do I love to eat, I'm guessing you do to!

Have you ever attended a potluck with a bunch of gardeners? They sure bring some good food! And it's becuase as gardeners we appreciate the flavors, colors, and textures that nature provides us. We put intention into eating becuase we put energy and love into growing the food we eat.

So let's share our favorite ways for eating the food we grow!

DSCN2215_(1).JPGPlease post your recipes here.

(I'm drooling just thinking about all the new ways I am going to learn to eat zucchini!)

Make sure to credit where you got the recipe from!

Here are some tips for posting recipes.

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