Kids' Camp Lessons December 2016

The Garden Project’s school garden educators created hands-on garden based science activities for Durango 9-R Elementary Schools Kids’ Camps! 


For 3 weeks our garden educators went to the Kids’ Camps of Needham, Florida Mesa, Animas Valley, Park, and Riverview to teach two lessons at each school.

All the lessons were fun and engaging while meeting 9-R science standards.

The students at Kids’ Camp explored the water cycle, soil conservation, and local vs. global food system through games and activities.

 Through an interactive game called A Drop Around a World, Kids’ Camp students were able to track a single drop through the various steps of the water cycle. 


Students of Kids’ Camp learned about different types of soil and the many different uses of soil that Native American people had for it through an art activity. 


Kids’ Camp students were able to differentiate and distinguish the importance of a local food system compared to a global food system by learning about fossil fuels and seeing how far our food travels.


These lessons taught at Kids’ Camp continue to expand children’s knowledge of where food comes from and why sustainable living is important to our bodies and the environment. 


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