Giving back to our soil (without breaking our backs!)

I am not scared of my heavy, clay soil anymore!

Turns out there is a great tool that helps amend your soil (down to 12 inches!) while preserving the vital soil structure neccessary for healthy, living soil without breaking our backs in the process! It's called a broadfork


At the last Ohana Kuleana Community Garden workshop of the season we talked about how to give back to our soil so that it is ready to grow in the spring.


Keoki Moore, the Compost Team Leader at Shared Harvest Community Garden, talked to us about the importance of healthy soil, the how to's of fall soil care, and introduced us to The Broadfork.

WS_Fall_Soil_OKCG_10.19.16-003.jpg  WS_Fall_Soil_OKCG_10.19.16-006.jpg
Good soil structure and some nice compost!

He brought a relevant perspective on our garden's name, Ohana Kuleana, reminding us that our "kuleana", our responsibility applies to our soil.


-Keoki Moore

Here is what he has to say about compost and soil health in the fall (and year round):

WS_Fall_Soil_Handout_by_Keoki_2016_pg_1.jpgClick here for downloadable PDF

And then we got down to the business of cultivating our soil!

WS_Fall_Soil_OKCG_10.19.16-009.jpg   WS_Fall_Soil_OKCG_10.19.16-010.jpg

We got to try our hand at using the broadfork!

Here are the basics steps:

- Spread 1-2 inches of good quality compost across the surface of your garden.
- Start at the end of the bed and work backwards.
- Sink the tines into the soil and wiggle the handles back and forth.
TIP: You can stand on it and use your body to exaggerate the rocking.
- Take the tines out and move back 4 inches.
- Repeat.
TIP: If soil is coming up in large chunks you can repeat this process moving perpendicular to your original direction

Here are some more recommendations from Keoki:

WS_Fall_Soil_Handout_by_Keoki_2016_pg_2.jpgClick here for downloadable PDF

 CONGRATULATIONS to our prize drawing winner, Eileen Music, who took home her own Hori Hori Digging Knife!
AM_Leo_Hori_Hori_Digging_Knife.jpg   AM_Leo_Hori_Hori_Digging_Knife_3.jpg

This workshops is part of the Conservation Workshop Series presented in partnership between The Garden Project and the La Plata Conservation District.

There are two more great workshop this season!

Landowner Resource Panel - October 26th

Weed ID and Control Toolbox - November 1st

Workshop Presenter  



Workshop Presenter:


Keoki Moore

Compost Team Captain at Shared Harvest
Community Garden.

"Keoki has transformed the garden,
              just ask the microbes!"
                 -Marye Jackson, long time gardener
                           and Shared Harvest Member





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