Garlic Planting

This year we planted our very own Ohana Kuleana Community Garden garlic seed...the same garlic we harvested mid-summer this year!


Last year we got our seed garlic from Homegrown Farm, they have been saving and planting there own garlic for years (Didn't grow your own? You can buy garlic from Homegrown at the Durango Farmers Market). It was very good seed garlic, we got HUGE cloves.

This planting is very special because we have now seen this garlic through a whole life cycle!

We learned how to plant garlic last year in a workshop taught by Marye Jackson. Marye was back this year to lead us again.

We prepared the bed,


separated the cloves,


and planted both the large cloves and some of the mini bulbs that grew from the garlic scape.


Those little tiny, rice-sized cloves came from the scapes and will probably take 2 years to grow before we can harvest them

Check out these blog posts if you want to learn more about planting and harvesting/storing garlic!


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