Blueberry and Garlic Planting: September Workday 2015

In our culture of instantaneous gratification we often have to remind ourselves that most good things take time. This is something that we gardeners get the chance to practice often.

We are putting in the prep work now for our Food Forest, including a blueberry patch, which we will harvest from for many years to come. And also planting our garlic plot.


In August we started preparing a bed for our blueberry bushes. We built a raised bed and a compost pile that will create the right pH level to allow our Blueberries to thrive. At this workday we mixed the compost with peat moss which also has a low pH. Check out this blog post to learn a little more. 


There are 4 varieties that will fruit at different times during the season. This winter we will cover the soil with a few inches of mulch to help keep them moist and at a more stable temperature. WD_9.17.15_Blueberries_and_Garlic_Photos.15_Photos-016.JPG

We also planted our garlic. This is now the third garlic planting we have done at OKCG and the 2nd that has been done from the cloves we harvested and saved ourselves!

After harvesting our garlic crop this August we planted a cover crop of buckwheat to help replenish the soil. At this workday, we chopped the buckwheat down in place and made furrows where we placed garlic cloves a few inches apart. Covered them up and mulched them. We well harvest the garlic next year, mid-summer.


It was wonderful to dream and it is a beautiful thing to see everyone coming out to work on a project that won't be ready immediately but will be around for years to come.


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