Farmington Food Forest

We visited Bev Todd at her food forest in Farmington, the Crestview Forest Garden. 

After the drive through dry, hot, red rock it was quite the contrast to step into a lush, shaded, bountiful forest.

Farmington_Food_Forest_7.5_(63).jpg  Farmington_Food_Forest_7.5_(1)-001.jpg

Bev started growing this forest garden 16 years ago. Check out info from Bev about the evolution of her forest garden, what she has learned, and her plant list at the bottom of the page.










What a resource to our learning and growing community! Bev has typed up her plant list (organized by forest layer, e.g. canopy, ground cover, vine, etc), a short history of the forest garden, what she has learned, and her recommendations.

You can reach Bev at

Resources by Bev:

Crestview Forest Garden Evolution

Permaculture Forest Garden GuidelinesMy advice based on 16 years experience planting and observing a forest garden in Farmington, New Mexico

Plant List - Crestview Forest Garden 2015 (organized by forest layers)


Here are more resources recommended by Bev:

Forest Gardening by Robert Hart

How to Make a Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield

Edible Forest Gardens, two volumes by David Jacke and Eric Toensmeier

Integrated Forest Gardening by Weiseman, Halsey and Ruddock

Sources for trees:

New Mexico State Forestry Conservation Seedling Program

Colorado State Forest Service Seedling Tree Nursery

Oikos Tree Crops


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