Delicious Manna Basil Lemonade

Now that summer is upon us, you might find yourself looking for a cold refreshing beverage. I made this basil lemonade for the opening of the Culinary Arts Building at the Manna Soup Kitchen. I hope you all enjoy it!


4-5 cups of basil

2 cups of turbinado sugar

10 fresh squeezed lemons

around 8-10 cups of water

1. Combine the basil leaves, 4 cups of water and sugar in a pot. Bring the pot to a boil, stirring to make sure the sugar dissolves and the basil leaves are submerged. Let the pot sit for 15 minutes. This is a decoction where you are extracting the flavor, oils and medicinal properties of the basil in the syrup.

2. Strain the basil out of the syrup and add to the juice of 10 squeezed lemons. 

3. Add water to taste, I like it more diluted but maybe you like it strong, if so add less water


Enjoy this lemonade in your vegetable garden!



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