Manna Culinary Students Explore the Art of Butchering

Thank you Sunnyside for the tour of your facility! Manna Culinary Arts students ventured into the world of meat processing on April 19th. Students followed live hogs through the process that ultimately turns them into bacon. Even though students did not raise a hog or develop a relationship with them, they were able to view the stark moment of death. The animals are moved through a series of fences developed by Dr. Temple Grandin, a famous advocate for humane kill floors. The hogs are then hung and butchered. Students were able to explore careers within the butchering industry and a couple even took home job applications. The Manna Culinary Arts Program provides assistance with filling out applications and creating resumes. The next batch of culinary students will start in the late summer and will be integrated into the Manna Garden through workshops, harvesting, and farm to table meals!