Compost System


We have a composting system!

After our great workshop on Healthy Soil and Compost we got moving on our own system to recycle to plant material and nutrients from our gardens and put it back into our soil.

So how are we using it?


Thanks to Don and Leesa Gawlik for setting up the beginning of our composting system and the beautiful signs to accompany!

 There will be 3 parts to our compost system this year:

- A small active compost pile (in 3 bins by the fence)

- A large compost pile (to be constructed in the fall and ready to amend in in the spring)

- Several "stockpiles" of material that will be used to make large compost piles




Throw your garden scraps in here throughout the season.

We will be turning and watering the pile throughout the season. If you would like to help contact Don or Mia.

IMPORTANT: We will not be using kitchen scraps this year!!! Please only put in things from your garden. Also, no weeds that have gone to seed or plants with diseases, throw them out. Big stuff goes in the next pile...


This is where you will put thinks that will take longer to breakdown such as small sticks and thick stalks.


The other stockpiles will come into play later in the season.


Remember how compost needs to be a balance of Carbon and Nitrogen? Well here is where we will stockpile the carbon rich items for our big fall compost pile. We will be putting things like leaves here when the time comes.





For tips on composting with bears in mind check out this handy sheet from BearSmart!



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