"Can" you imagine what happens...?

...when there are leftover apples in the Manna culinary kitchen?

The Garden Project led a Canning 101 Workshop to add one more tool to the culinary-arts students' toolbox. Students canned apple pie filling for the holidays with the intention of sharing pie with friends and family! 


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Successful Conservation Education Workshop Series 2016

We had a wonderful time at the Conservation Education Workshop Series this summer.

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Giving back to our soil (without breaking our backs!)

I am not scared of my heavy, clay soil anymore!

Turns out there is a great tool that helps amend your soil (down to 12 inches!) while preserving the vital soil structure neccessary for healthy, living soil without breaking our backs in the process! It's called a broadfork


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OKCG October Workday: Winterizing the Food Forest

This time of year we are getting the garden ready for winter. In the food forest that means making a nice bed for our perennial plants.

Fall is a good time to plant trees. Once the leaves fall off the tree go ahead and plant it. You can help the plant get a head start on the spring by encouraging root growth in the fall.


Strong roots equals a strong tree.

We wanted to encourage root growth in our already planted trees as well. Here is what we did:

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Manna Market: All good things must come to an end!

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Kimchi, Kombucha, and Kraut Oh my!

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Seed Saving Basics: Cultivating Community Resilience Workshop


Rachel reminded us that when we look at a seed even though "we don't necessarily see anything there is a vital life force" contained within.

The food that we depend on to survive and thrive is contained within that tiny seed.

Here is what we learned about preserving that precious resource, about saving seeds:

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Over 2 months ago I started a journey to transform my leadership abilities.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this possible for me. Over 20 community members donated to help me be able to afford this valuable training. THANK YOU!

I enrolled in the 9-week Leadership training course, Climbing the Leadership Ladder. 

My vision is to grow a healthier community by empowering and engaging people to use their experience, passion, skills, and knowledge to shape our community.


But how do I EMPOWER people? How do I meaningfully ENGAGE people?

I understood these words theoretically but I was stuck when it came to actual practice.

This leadership training helped me find the tools I need and, even more importantly, helped me learn to BE the leader I want to be.

Here is a little peak into my leadership journey:

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10th Annual Tour de Farms - 2016

Thanks to coming out for the 10th Annual Tour de Farm!

We celebrated what is unique, healthy, and homegrown in our agricultural and gardening community with a 6-mile family-friendly ride and a 25-mile experienced ride. (Plus this year a portion of the proceeds were donated to help the recovery of Neil Hannum, The Chip Peddler).


And thanks to our sponsors who made this event possible!



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Manna Market Success!!!! More Food Rescue for the Future


The hustle and bustle of Manna Soup Kitchen on a Wednesday afternoon has increased this summer with the addition of the Manna Market free produce stand. The number of families attending Manna's wednesday night dinner has increased to an all time high. Prior to the Manna Market season, The Garden Project reached out to local organizations and non-profits who serve food insecure families. In addition to community outreach and community partners, word of mouth is also gaining momentum. The need is certainly here and the demand has for the most part been met. But with increasing momentum, the need for more food rescue efforts in Durango is certain.

August 24th was the largest Manna Market so far this summer...

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