Gardening 101 Workshop 2017


Ohana Kuleana Community Garden, April 25, 2017

Keoki Moore

 Workshop Presenter




Keoki Moore

Compost Team Captain at Shared Harvest
Community Garden.

"Keoki has transformed the garden,
              just ask the microbes!"
                 -Marye Jackson, long time gardener
                           and Shared Harvest Member



All projects start with a vision: Start small and keep your garden manageable. In gardening, you don’t have to learn everything all at once. Your vision becoming real is the end product of work, time and thought. This is where planning comes into the picture. If your vision is to be seated at the dinner table with your family eating a stew made from veggies that you grew yourself, then start from that point and work backward, making each step part of the vision. Let’s say your vision is to have carrots, leeks, potatoes and onions in your stew. When you are new to gardening, you may not be equipped with the information that you need in order to proceed.

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Grape Pruning, Biodynamics, and Americorp's Best!

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2017 Manna Garden Workdays!!!!

Who's itching to get out into the garden? The Garden Project is excited to get the gardening season started early this year! We not only offer a beautiful setting to get outside, but we also focus on making each work day a learning experience for volunteers. Questions about gardening? Bring them to the workday. This is a great time to quiz our staff about cool weather crops and seed starting (which should be on your mind right about now). We welcome all volunteers, no gardening experience required!

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DUG staff training trip to Denver - March 2017

Bringing your inspiration, insights, and ideas back from over the mountains in Denver!

Last week Garden Project Staff headed to Denver to figure out how to expand the impact of school and community gardens.

Who says work can't be fun? Especially not when you are hanging out with this staff!

We brought, Kenny, our traveling monster friend along!

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School Garden Committee Recruitment

School Garden Committee awareness and recruitment has begun!

We are in the beginning stages of supporting schools with existing garden infrastructure (in use or not) to form school garden committees.

These committees are made up of staff, parents, neighbors, local master gardeners - really anybody who has a direct connection to that school and wants to be involved in maintaining the school's garden.


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Kids' Camp Lessons December 2016

The Garden Project’s school garden educators created hands-on garden based science activities for Durango 9-R Elementary Schools Kids’ Camps! 


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2016 Impact


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Ohana Kuleana Community Garden 2016 Season Highlights

In 2016 our 35 groups of garden 'ohana harvested over 2,600 lbs. of produce! Yum!


Here are some of the highlights from the season...

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School Garden Program '15/'16 Highlights

Our school garden programs have been expanding greatly this past year!


We are making Garden-Based Science Lessons available to ALL K-5 Durango 9-R Schools! Have your student's teacher sign up today!

We collaborated with Durango School District 9-­R’s Science Curriculum Department to align lessons with Foundational Evidence Outcomes (FEOs) and semester pacing.

During the '15/'16 School Year we brought garden programs to Needham Elementary, Riverview Elementary, Park Elementary, Animas Valley Elementary, Sunnyside Elementary & Miller Middle!

We reached over 1,300 indvidual students with 4,239 educational hours! Our School Gardens at Needham, Riverview, and Park harvested 727lbs. of produce!

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Manna Garden 2016 Season Highlights

Did you know that we harvested 1,335 lbs of produce at the Manna Garden this year? An increase of over 450 lbs from last year!

But that is just the tip of the iceberg....


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