Needham Garden Photos Summer 2014

For all Needham Garden Photos, check our Facebook album and scroll to the bottom of the page for recent photos.

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Compost System


We have a composting system!

After our great workshop on Healthy Soil and Compost we got moving on our own system to recycle to plant material and nutrients from our gardens and put it back into our soil.

So how are we using it?

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Raised Beds

Welcome Southwest Center for Independence(SWCI), one of our new community partners with a plot at the community garden this year. SWCIL is a local non-profit who "supports independent living by and for people with disabilities, and facilitates change within the community for the inclusion of all people."


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Delicious Manna Basil Lemonade

Now that summer is upon us, you might find yourself looking for a cold refreshing beverage. I made this basil lemonade for the opening of the Culinary Arts Building at the Manna Soup Kitchen. I hope you all enjoy it!


4-5 cups of basil

2 cups of turbinado sugar

10 fresh squeezed lemons

around 8-10 cups of water

1. Combine the basil leaves, 4 cups of water and sugar in a pot. Bring the pot to a boil, stirring to make sure the sugar dissolves and the basil leaves are submerged. Let the pot sit for 15 minutes. This is a decoction where you are extracting the flavor, oils and medicinal properties of the basil in the syrup.

2. Strain the basil out of the syrup and add to the juice of 10 squeezed lemons. 

3. Add water to taste, I like it more diluted but maybe you like it strong, if so add less water


Enjoy this lemonade in your vegetable garden!



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Family Teacher Workday

Join us at the Needham Elementary School Garden on Friday June 27th from 10 am - noon!

We will be weeding the students vegetable beds and tidying up the garden!

If you haven't seen all of the plants growing in the garden yet, now is the time!

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Culinary Arts Building Opening & Garden Tours

On Thursday June 19th Manna Soup Kitchen officially opened their new culinary arts building which will provide job training skills for the under-employed and homeless for jobs in the food industry. Watch Durango Herald video here.

During the grand opening, The Garden Project offered garden tours and tasty basil lemonade to showcase the garden.

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Southwest Rural Philanthropy Days

Spotlight on the Southwest Region

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What Did Mozart Do After He Died?

He de-composed!

At the Soil and Compost Workshop with Keoki Moore at Shared Harvest Community Garden we learned how the fertility of the soil throughout the history of Earth has been perpetuated by decomposing biological matter and how we can recreate that cycle to improve our gardens' soil fertility through composting.


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Permaculture Food Forest: First Guild

One year ago, on June 1st 2013, the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden open for the first time.

It feels fitting in the growth of this space that on June 1st this year we planted the first guild in the permaculture food forest. A year ago there was nothing but bare soil now we are a flourishing community planting the seeds for harvests in years to come.

OKCG May 2013 OKCG_May_2014.jpg
             May 2013                                                     May 2014
                                     (Look real close to see the seedling and transplants ready to grow!

The permaculture food forest is an exciting piece of our vision. Oh, what is a permaculture food forest you say? Glad you asked.

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No small parts, Only small people

That quote is great for community gardens because if everyone pitches in in their own "small" way we become something much greater than our individual contributions. 

We all play a part to make our community wonderful and today some of those parts actually were played by small people, or more precisely, young, growing people- the students at Riverview Elementary. They may be little but don't let that fool you into thinking they don't have a BIG contribution to make.


Riverview students, with their Science teacher Mr. Charlie Love, have been hard at work planting veggies to be eaten and harvested when school starts in the fall. But beyond their own school plots they started planting the insectary! The WHAT you say?

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