Yes we CAN can!

At the peak of summer bounty it's often hard to imagine how you could ever eat all of the produce coming out of your garden!

To solve that dillema there are many preservation options: Freezing, Drying, Fermenting, Canning. We got to dive into canning at this workshop and though many people express anxiety about canning with help from Rachel Turiel we found that we can can!


Rachel gave us some great advice about canning...

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Blue Ribbon Veggies!

Hope everyone had a great time at the La Plata County Fair this year...or maybe I should say a 'seriously good time'!


The Ohana Kuleana Community Gardeners submitted a basket of veggies to the La Plata County Fair. We are so happy to be part of the flourishing tradition of home-grown crops, home-raised animals, and home-made foods and products in our county.

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August Workday

We had a very productive workday this month!


Jake Walsh from JT Builders, joined us to help finish the benches, including some with backs! Great for resting after working hard in the garden!

We also planted Hops!

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August Family Teacher Workday

The next Needham Family Teacher garden workday will be held on Friday, August 22nd from 10 am - noon.

We will be weeding, harvesting veggies and cleaning up the garden to look great for the Tour de Farms and the start of school!

Tour de Farms will be on Saturday, August 23rd. (If you haven't registered yet, there's still space!)

School starts on Monday, August 25th!

Come out to the garden and join us!




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Seed Saving Workshop- Diversity is Strength

Where do you get your seeds? 

At the Seed Saving Workshop we learned how to collect and store seeds from our own backyard (or our friends'!) and why its important


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Greens Galore! Unconventional ways to eat them from the Manna Garden

Manna Staff, volunteer, and CSA member


We have been harvesting a lot of Red Russian kale, Lacinto kale, Winterbor kale, chard, and collards from the Manna Garden. When we planted the garden we thought about vegetables that would give the most bang for our buck. Because greens are one of the most nutrient dense crops that you can grow in your garden, we chose a nice variety to keep the backpack program interesting.  One of our goals for the Manna Garden is to provide nutrient dense foods to the people who most need it and greens really help us reach that goal by delivering calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, omega 3, and vitamins B, A, K, C, E. 

With all this kale, the challenge is to keep it interesting. We have been throwing around a lot of ideas of how to eat kale in interesting ways and we came up with the following ideas:

- Eat Kale as a wrap for a sandwich

- Throw the kale in a smoothie with fruit

- Eat the kale with eggs for breakfast

- Bake chips out of your greens, add some olive oil, garlic powder, and salt

- Make green summer popsicles in the blender with fruit juice, frozen fruit, and greens

- Slip kale into a traditional spinach dish, like spinach dip or spanakopita

- Toss the greens into rice pilaf, quinoa tabouli, or some other cooked and sautéed grain

- Eat it raw and cut into small strips as a fresh asian salad with sesame oil and seeds

We hope these ideas can help you slip in some extra greens each day in case you have a surplus as well. Happy gardening and monsoon season!


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New Benches!

If you've been to an Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Workshop than you're familiar with the fact that while our workshops are high quality the straw bale seating is not!


Well good news! We replaced them! With high quality, beautiful, comfortable, sturdy BENCHES! 

BONUS: We built them ourselves!

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Garlic Harvest - the first

Don't you love harvesting the rewards of your labor?! We harvested the garlic we planted last fall, almost a full year ago! We grow most of our veggies in our short growing season spring to fall but garlic stays in the ground over the winter so we decided to grow a communal garlic plot.

One of our young members, Kai, showing off a monster bulb we harvested!

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Eating Our Harvest

Our gardens' are responding to the rain by filling out and stepping up production. With gratitude we are harvesting our beautiful vegetables that we put so much time, energy, and love into growing.

But now what? I often watch with delight as my brightly colored veggies adorn my fridge...for a week. And then I realize wow I probably should eat those!


To help us make the jump from growing our own veggies to eating our own veggies Michelle Wilson from SNAP Education joined us with easy recipes and helpful tips.

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Family Teacher Workday

Needham Family & Teacher Workday
Friday, July 25th from 10 am - noon.

Thank you volunteers!


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