Awarded "Healthy Event Seal of Approval"

The Ohana Kuleana Community Garden has been awarded the "Heathy Event Seal of Approval" for Pies in the Garden from San Juan Basic Health Department, endorsed by the Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition, for providing a safe and healthy community event for La Plata County Children, Youth, and Families.

We earned their endorsement and the Seal of Approval for being a local asset-builder!


Have you heard about the 40 Development Assets that help our youth grow up healthy, caring, and responsible?

Developmental Assets, as explained on the award, are

"the relationships, opportunities, skills, values, and positive-perceptions that youth need to lead healthy lives."

The Garden Project has been committed to growing a healthy community with a special emphasis on youth since 1998. Our understanding of the benefits to youth from school gardens, our after-school program Dirt Club, and meaning full service projects has guided us throughout the years and the Developmental Assets provide a wonderful, research-based framework for understanding these benefits and how they are provided.

Some of the Developmental Assets our programs help build include:IMG_0727.jpg

  • Other Adult Relationships-Young person receives support from three or more non-parent adults.
  • Caring Neighborhood-Young person experiences caring neighbors.
  • Community Values Youth-Young person perceives that adults in the community value youth.
  • Youth as Resources-Young people are given useful roles in the community.
  • Service to Others-Young person serves in the community one hour or more per week.
  • Adult Role Models-Parent(s) and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.
  • Creative Activities-Young person spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts.
  • Youth Programs-Young person spends three or more hours per week in sports, clubs, or organizations at school and/or in the community.
  • Achievement Motivation-Young person is motivated to do well in school.
  • School Engagement-Young person is actively engaged in learning.
  • Bonding to School-Young person cares about her or his school.
  • Caring-Young person places high value on helping other people.
  • Responsibility-Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility.
  • Planning and Decision Making-Young person knows how to plan ahead and make choices.
  • Peaceful Conflict Resolution-Young person seeks to resolve conflict nonviolently.

If you would like to learn more about the 40 Developmental Assets here is a great breakdown of the list.

We are happy to be recognized for Pies in the Garden for providing a "healthy, alcohol-free event [that] provide[s] a social setting for youth that highlights positive adult role modeling, strengthens youth-adult relationships and normalizes healthy adult choices for all ages."

If you would like to help make a difference in the lives of youth in our communities we recommended volunteering as a helper at our after-school Dirt Club program in the spring and/or fall (offered at Needham Elementary, Riverview Elementary, and Fort Lewis Mesa). 

Thanks San Juan Basin Health and Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition!





In what ways have you seen The Garden Project helping to grow healthy youth in our community? 


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