The Best Time to Plant a Tree...

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”  –Chinese Proverb


And so we planted trees including a Ranier Cherry, a Stanely Plum, a Mt. Royal Plum, and a Mulberry donated by the Permaculture Provision Project. Not to mention several

gooseberries, a goji berry bush, comfrey and some asparagus! Our Food Forest is going to be abundantly delicious!

We are Thankful to the Rotary Club of Durango whose generous donation and willing volunteers are helping us grow the Food Forest to fruition! It was great to work with a group so in tune with the vision of the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden - "Community Responsibility" as the name translates too.

DSCN2347.JPG  DSCN2346-001.JPG 
Rotarians Rock!

Eric Ryba, Board Member of The Garden Project and experienced home orchardist, lead us through the planting. For more in depth info on tree planting checkout the post from our first tree planting and the The Holistic Orchard by Michael Phillips.


We also mulched our swale pathways to more efficiently use the water that falls on our land.


And planted a sunflower forest with Mammoth Sunflower seeds some community garden members grew last year and morning glories to climb their tall stalks.


We also chopped & dropped the cover crop returning nutrients to the soil and mulching to prevent evaporation.


Since it was Earth Day last week I wanted to share a quote from Michael Pollan (Second Nature)

“Think of the tree as the Earth’s Breathing Apparatus, an organ that helps regulate the planet’s atmosphere by exhaling fresh oxygen and inhaling the carbon that animals, decay, and civilization spew into it...The tree…[is a] vital organ in a global system far more intricate and interdependent that we ever realized

Using the metaphor of the tree as Earth’s lungs, Pollan says,

“...forces us to see the connection between our small local acts and the health of the planet.”

We would love to hear what you did for Earth Day and/or Arbor Day!

Thanks to Serious Delight Bakery and Durango Natural Food Co-op for the snacks!



2015 Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Members 


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