2017 Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Season

I_am_excited_to_grow_COMMUNITY...and_tomatoes!.jpg2017 was our 5th season!

This season we: 

  • Harvested about 2,600 lbs. of produce (including 350 lbs harvest by Riverview Elementary students in their plots)

  • Provided 213 hours educational programming hours through this years Conservation Education Workshop series in collaboration with La Plata Conservation District.

    • Plus Riverview students got in 3,772 hours of education time at the garden!

  • Volunteers contributed 624 hours.

  • Gardeners took on the management of the community garden!

    • Created the Growth Committee, a group of garden leaders who oversaw visioning, membership, maintenance, and community building.

  • Added infrastructure including:

    • Southwest Conservation Corps “FarmCorps” crew for built the amphitheatre and planted part of the Insectary.

    • Added a drip irrigation system to one of the guilds and replaced broken irrigation heads.

    • Expanded the herb garden.

    • Added a “Native Bee Motel” with help from the La Plata Conservation District.

  • Visited a neighboring Food Forest in Farmington.
  • Worked with neighbors to make a plan for the entryway landscaping with native plants

    • Prepped the entryway for 2018 planting with cardboard and mulch cover

  • Hosted a volunteer group with Love out Loud

  • Fundraising!

    • The Herb Hut used the garden space to host a fundraiser (contact okcommunitygarden@gmail.com if you want to have your event here).

    • Participated in Durango Nursery & Supplies annual Scarecrow Stroll


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