2016 Four Corners Permaculture Convergence

"Permaculture seeks paradise...and why not?" - Bill Mollison

This year the 2016 Four Corners Permaculture Convergence was hosted by Gary & Debby Fourstar at Thunderbird Ranch.


"Striving to create community-based alliances and projects for better relationship with the natural world. By combining indigenous knowledge through ancient teachings with the experience of our region’s most knowledgeable permaculture and sustainable living experts, this two day workshop included speakers in a variety of fields."

Permaculture_Convergence_Photos_2016-004.JPGWild edible & medicinal plants with Katrina Blair
Water retention systems with Tim Prow
Swales with Grant Curry
Bee-keeping with Ben Moline
Seed Saving with the Elizabeth Agee
Mycology with Scott Koch
Permaculture design expert with Kathy Curry
Montezuma Orchard Restoration project with Jude & Addie Schuenemeyer
Creating Right Relationship with Indigenous Elder Gary FourStar
Organic pest control with John Wickman
Soil Health with Richard Miller
Vermaculture with Greg Hopkins
The Heart of Permaculture Decisions with Bevan Williams
Willow Weaving with Rusty Kavendak

Thanks to a sponsorship from Growing Spaces Green Domes, two Garden Project folks attended the 2016 Four Corners Permaculture Convergence.

Mia Carrasco-Songer, the Garden Manager at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden, is committed to making change by growing community and says that she finds hope for where our world is headed when learning about and practicing permaculture. Mia attended the 2015 Colorado Permaculture Convergence as well.

Caleb Armijo is a student at FLC, a member of a tribe in Arizona and a community gardener at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden, helping on the permaculture team this year. Caleb's enthusiasm to learn about permaculture is abundant and says that the philosophy of permaculture should be "a role model for a lot of other things happening in the city."
Both Caleb and Mia are incredibly grateful to have received a sponsorship from Growing Spaces . They are excited and inspired and to take back all they learned and put it into practice in our community.
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Check out what we are doing with Permaculture at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden:
It all started in 2014, the second year the garden was open...
Then in 2015 we learned more about one way to integrate permaculture into our social fabric...
This year we are working with Grant and Kathy Curry from the Permaculture Provision Project, we've already planted a peach guild!

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