Cover Cropping for Soil Health: 1st Workshop of 2015

With snow of the ground but spring and the growing season present in our minds, we met at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden for the first workshop of the season. The topic: Cover Cropping for Soil Health.


As we've heard before, the best thing you can do for your plants is to grow a health soil. We learned how to use cover crops as a tool to do this.

Cover Crops are any crop that is used to protect and enhance the soil.




We practiced broadcasting our cover crop seed. We used a mix of field peas and annual rye (peas for nitrogen fixing, rye for adding biomass to the soil).


We got our seed from Southwest Seed, who specialize in seeds adapted to our area, (ordered through Durango Nursery & Supply). Both places are very helpful if you need help choosing your cover crop. You can also check out Johnny's Seed comparison chart which breaks down the cover crops by their benefits, application amounts, and season.

If you want to learn more check out these 


Elain Ingham - The Soil Food Web

                     - Free Soil Food Web Course

Christine Jones -

Peter Donovan - The Soil Carbon Coalition

CSU Extension -

Cows Save the Planet: and other imporbable ways of restoring the soil to heal the earth      *Read this book!*

                         by Judith Schwartz

Hope to see you at the next workshop in the 2015 Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Workshop Series!

Gardening Basics
Monday, April 20th
w/ Brooke Frazer, Manna Soup Kitchen Garden Manager

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