Water/Harvest Share System

We are trying a new system to help each other keep our gardens watered and share out abundance!


Blue Flags indicate the plot's gardener needs help watering.

Always check the soil to make sure someone else hasn't already wateredIf you need your garden watered, place a blue flag by your plot.  Neighboring gardeners can then help with watering if and when necessary. Blue flags only refer to water. 

Orange flags indicate there is produce a gardener wishes to share that you can harvest.

If you have produce you would like to make available to anybody, post an orange flag.  The flag needs a note attached, however, to make your wishes known.  Inside the bin you'll find a marker and paper strip.  Write your message, such as, "take tomatoes" or "peas need homes"  and slide it into the protective plastic sleeve.  The plastic sleeve has a hole punched at the end, which you use to attach it to the top of the orange flag's wire. 

Make sure to check the tab for instructions on which plant can be harvested. Use common sense, be respectful. 

Garden_Flags_IV.jpgPlease return materials when you are finished so they are available to others. This is a great way to help a fellow gardener and to get help as well!

Look for the materials on the fence by the wheelbarrows, you'll see the bin with writing materials and the tube containing flags. 

Thanks to Ohana Kuleana Community Garden Members Don and Leesa Gawlik for designing and creating this system.

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