Special Gifts


Pick from a variety of gardening gifts that will help grow our school and community gardens.

We'll send your gift recipient a fun gardening postcard with a special note from you informing them of the gardening gift that has been made in their honor.

We'll send you a tax deductible receipt for your donation.


1. Enter the quantity next to the item you would like to donate (select as many different items and quantities as you would like)

2. Click "Purchase Tickets" at the bottom of the page to buy your gift.

3. Donate via Paypal

4. Fill out the form "We need additional info for your gift". Provide the mailing address of where you would like the postcard sent. If you have a preference, please tell us which garden you would like your donation to go towards.

January 01, 2016 at 12pm - January 02, 2016
Sandhya Tillotson ·

Will you come?

$1,000.00 Garden Coordinator
Sponsors a Garden Coordinator to sustain a school or community garden for one month.
$500.00 Garden Shares
Sponsors a low-income family to recieve a box of fresh produce from the Manna Soup Kitchen Garden every week during the summer.
$200.00 Farmer Days
Hosts Farmer Days at a school garden with local farmers and students.
$100.00 Community Gardening Workshop
Hosts an educational community gardening workshop taught by a local expert.
$75.00 Family or School Gardening Plot
Sponsors a low-­income family or school class to have a plot at a community or school garden for a year.
$50.00 Dirt Club Scholarship
Sponsors a low-­income student to attend our Dirt Club after-­school program.
$50.00 Membership to The Garden Project
Members receive: 2 free gardening workshop tickets, 1 sticker, 1 gardening gift, e-news updates (optional)
$25.00 Veggie Seedlings
Purchases vegetable seedlings for one raised bed at a school garden.
$20.00 Gardening Tools
Purchases a shovel or rake for a school or community garden
$15.00 Basket of Seed Packets
Seeds to support school and community gardens in La Plata County.
$10.00 Gardening Gloves
Purchases a pair of gardening gloves for a school or community garden. $15 minimum, pair with Gardening Trowel.
$5.00 Gardening Trowel
Purchases a hand trowel for a school or community garden. 3 item minimum or $15 equivalent.
$1.00 Your Choice
Choose your own amount to donate to our school & community gardens. $15 minimum.