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    Start a School Garden


    Let The Garden Project help you start your school garden! We will work with you to fit your school's needs and budget.

    Contact us about the following:

    • Vegetable & flower seeds
    • Opportunities to borrow a full tool trailer for your family/volunteer workdays
    • Gardening training for your teachers/staff
    • Youth gardening education programs (during class time & after-school)
    • List of school garden grants to apply for
    • Collaboration on grant writing & fundraising
    • Advice designing the school garden
    • Management of the school garden

    The Garden Project's: School Garden Resource Guidebook

    More resources for school gardens

    School & Community Garden Grants




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    Needham School Garden


    Needham Elementary School located at:
    2425 W. 3rd Ave, Durango. Garden located at intersection of Columbine Dr. and Arroyo Dr. 
    Google map and directions

    2018 Summer Workdays:
    Love Out Loud Group Workday - Saturday June 9th.

    Roving Garden Crew - Wednesday June 13th 5:30 - 6:30 (Open to public, no RSVP needed)



    Garden description:

    The Needham school garden was started in 2007 with eight vegetable beds. The hope was to offer a hands-on outdoor component to traditional education while supporting the growing “farm to school” movement that was gaining traction across the country. Our vision was to get students outside planting, tending-to, and harvesting their own food. The fresh vegetables would go to neighbors, their own homes, and the cafeteria, seeing it incorporated into their school lunches.

    With support and dedication from the Needham community, The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado and CSU Extension, the garden has now tripled in size with twenty-four vegetable beds (one for each classroom), six ornamental beds that are primarily designed using the International Baccalaureate curriculum, outdoor picnic tables, rotating art and musical pieces, and much more.

    Our goals are to supply the cafeteria with fresh, nutritious food, tying the garden to our state standards and IB curriculum, and most of all to have additional opportunities for the children to recognize and appreciate that all of us are making a difference!

    Volunteer at the Needham Elementary School garden!

    Make a Donation to the Needham Elementary School garden!

    In 2015 we recieved a $10,000 grant from The Payroll Department for our School Garden Programs.

    Support from the Payroll Department Grant this past year has really helped launch our school garden programs to a new level. As a result of our successful pilot of garden-based science curriculum at Needham Elementary this past school year, we are now working with 9R School District to expand these programs to all 7 elementary schools in the future!


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    Manna Soup Kitchen Community Garden




    *NEW*Manna Community Garden Plots
    Durango's newest community garden caters to Manna Soup Kitchen clients and VOA Sheltor's Veteran programming. in 2017, NCCC assisted The Garden Project in building 9 new terraced beds in the hillside orchard with the intention of creating community garden plots. The new gardeners are excited and have fully taken advantage of their free plots, seeds, plants, and daily irrigation. If 2018 is a success and we find that there are more interested clients in need of a plot, we plan to expand the program to 9 more terraces that were recently built. Gardeners were chosen through an application process.

    Manna Market - Free Produce Stand!
    In 2016, The Garden Project and Manna Soup Kitchen created the Manna Market Free produce stand for food insecure community members. In the summers of 2016 + 2017, TGP distributed over 11,250 lbs of fresh produce. Please help us spread the word to grow the program. Produce donations from backyard gardeners and community gardeners are accepted every Wednesday before the market. The Manna Market takes place every Wednesday from 4:30 - 6pm, 2018 start and end dates TBA. First come, First served. Food secure community members welcome with a suggested donation.

    Garden Workdays at Manna
    Join Brooke Frazer, Garden Coordinator at the Manna Soup Kitchen Garden every Wednesday from 9 am - 11 am, March 28th - October 31st, 2018. Tasks include: planting, mulching, weeding, dead-heading, composting, amending soil, and harvesting for the Manna Market. You will be "growing" community and also learning about specialized topics that include Biodynamic and organic gardening maintenance. Manna Garden Volunteers made new friends and dug in the dirt at 65 workdays in 2017! Join them in 2018!

    Cooking Matters at Manna
    Learn how to prepare the fresh produce that you pick up at the Manna Market in a FREE 6 week cooking and nutrition class. Topics include: cooking tips and techniques, budgeting - stretch your food $$$ and maximize your resources, and tips to get your family to try new healthy foods. Sign up with Brooke Frazer.

    Culinary Arts Program Workshops + Training
    The Garden Project provides workshops and "farm to table" training for the Manna Culinary Arts students. Having a production garden on site provides opportunities that other culinary students may never experience. The garden + workshops provide a significant amount of garden + self sufficiency educational hour. Manna Culinary Arts Program Manager MacKenzie Miller said, "It's beneficial for our culinary students to learn self-sufficiency + gardening skills in order to not only help their future customers eat healthier but to also eat healthier themselves. Because many of the culinary students are former Manna clients it's important that they learn to eat healthy on a budget".

    Location: 1100 Avendia Del Sol, Durango

    Google Map & Directions to the garden


    Manna Garden Blog

    Manna History

    By Kathy Tonnessen, Manna Soup Kitchen former Executive Director:

    "For those of you who haven’t been by in a while to check out all the new and exciting things going on in our garden, please take a moment and let me give you a quick tour. As you come up the hill, you will see that the hill side leading up is now the Manna orchard, featuring apple, peach, cherry, pear, and apricot trees with many berry bushes, including raspberries, elderberry, gooseberry, serviceberry, goji and strawberries. In the main garden, we have just about anything you could want: tomatoes to bok choy, we’ve got it all! 2017 will bring turnips, lettuce, snap peas, tomatoes, green onions, garlic, spinach, kale, chard, beets, cucumbers, carrots and a brand new herb garden!

    We introduced the Manna Market in 2016 and it turned out to be an amazing success. We distributed over 6,200 lbs of produce to food insecure community members. The Manna Market provided a place where people could come to learn about fresh produce, get recipes, find out more about food assistance programs, make friends, and get inspired to eat healthier. The Manna Market will continue into 2017, furthering our reach to food insecure families. 2017 will also bring a new client workday that is focused on providing gardening and self sufficiency skills solely to clients in order to earn service tokens. The garden gives clients a time when they can get their hands dirty and focus on the therapeutic benefits of plants, gardening, and working with other community members.

    On a personal note, I would like thank Brooke Frazer, who has shown to be a passionate and dedicated partner. Thanks to the Garden Project for helping to make our garden what it is today. All are welcome to come by for a formal tour of the garden. March through October we have garden parties every Wednesday from 9:00am to 11:00am.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Manna Garden Project, please call Jason Cloudt at 970.385.5095 ext. 5 or Brooke Frazer at 970-259-3123."


    Volunteer at the Manna garden!

    Make a Donation to the Manna garden!


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    Start a Community Garden

    community gardens



    Community gardens are planned garden plots designed to provide local produce for neighborhood communities, residential or organizations or agencies.  Community gardens provide opportunities to bring diverse personalities together to plan, problem solve, cooperate, work and share responsibilities and produce.

    Contact us about resources such as:

    • tools
    • seeds or seedlings
    • plot planning
    • program assistance such as organizing community participation, volunteer work crews and program facilitation.

    More resources for community gardens

    School & Community Garden Grants

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