Durango Herald - November 2018

4-H partnership brings gardening classes to elementary schools

Durango Herald - August 2018

Marye Jackson celebrates 90th birthday at community garden

Durango Telegraph - August 2018

What's up in the agrihood

Durango Herald - July 2018

Ohana Kuleana garden to offer open house

Durango Herald - June 2018

Local Food tour to contribute to 416 Fire relief

Durango Herald - April 2018

Schools, organizations can apply for gardening resources

Durango Herald - January 2018

Durango Rocks!

*The Garden Project was awarded 2017 Nonprofit of the Year at this annual ceremony!

Durango Herald - December 2017

Regional Nonprofits Benefit from Colorado Gives Day

Durango Herald - October 2017

Garden Project: Manna Hosts Annual Feast featuring Harvest from Local Growers

Food Hub to Distribute Produce to Low-Income Residents in Southwest Colorado

Durango Telegraph - October 2017

Seed Money

Southern Colorado Nonprofits Receive Wells Fargo Grants

Durango Telegraph - September 2017

How The Garden Grows

Durango Herald - July 2017

Tour de Farms Offers Two Routes Aug. 19

Durango Telegraph - June 2017

Down to Earth

Durango Herald - April 2017

10 Local Nonprofits to Benefit from Community Concerts

Durango Herald - December 2016

Students to Build Amphitheater for Ohana Kuleana Garden

Durango Herald - August 2016

Durango preschool grows the youngest gardeners

Durango Herald - August 2016

Farm to School program grows with new center: District 9-R kicks off school year with new food initiatives
Note: Krista Garand served as a 2015/16 Garden Project Board Member.

Durango Herald Editorial - August 2016

From foodies to the hungry: We have many ways to connect with our local food system

City of Durango TV - July 2016

Manna Soup Kitchen Garden - FILM

Durango Herald - June 14, 2016

Manna Soup Kitchen's Garden to offer more free food

DGO Magazine - May 12, 2016

Get Smart about gardening

Durango Herald - January 13, 2016

Community Garden Planned for Three Springs

Durango Telegraph - August 27, 2015
Day in the Life - Velo Veggies

: An heirloom mammoth sunflower towers into the sky at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden,one of the gardens showcased in last weekend’s Tour De Farms put on by The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado./Photo by Jennaye Derge

Durango Herald - July 29, 2015
Green dreams grow into reality - Ohana Kuleana Community Garden offers camaraderie and fresh produce


KDUR Interview - June 9, 2015
Rachel Perrault interviews Sandhya Tillotson and Brooke Frazer with The Garden Project

Durango Telegraph - May 28, 2015
Underserved: Garden Share raises funds to give low-income families fresh foodlittle_bear.jpg

Durango Herald - January 20, 2015
Garden Shares Program for Low-Income Families at Manna Soup Kitchen

Good Dirt Radio interview - November 2014
The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado

Durango Herald - November 5, 2014
Bedtime for Needham Garden

Durango Herald - October 25, 2014
Everyone likes a chance to get dirty

Durango Telegraph - April 3, 2014
Needham Seeks Votes for Garden

Inside DurangoTV  - April 3, 2014
Sandhya Tillotson on Needham Garden & the Enterprise Zone

Durango Herald – January 15, 2014
Why not start the new year with an ambitious wish list? By Darrin Parmenter

Durango Herald - October 23, 2013
In finest season, school garden project a joy By Darrin Parmenter

Good Dirt Radio - Fall 2013
Schools 'N Gardens

Durango Herald – July 1, 2013
Garden grows in former NIMBY battle zone

Durango Herald - June 12, 2013

Community Gardens Take Root

Good Dirt Radio - 2011
Kid Gardens - Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary

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