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A core part of the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden has always been that our collective effort creates and sustains something bigger than each of us and better due to our unique, individual contributions. This is carried out through the many volunteer hours worked for the community garden, including the 2-hours per month required of all garden members. 

Volunteers hours can be fulfilled through organized monthly-workdays or individual tasks. This year we will be using a team-based model.

What is the team-based model?

Garden members will have the opportunity to signup to volunteer on a team of garden members who will be focusing on a particular task or project. These can be short-term, long-term, specific in scope, or broad in scope. Teams will be supported by the garden manager with resources and suggestions. Teams are encourage to become leaders for the rest of the garden on the project by researching relevant info, planning the project, sharing their knowledge, asking for help on the project, and leading fellow members during workdays to help with the project.

Why a team-based model?

By joining a team garden members will be able to apply their specific interests and skills to a volunteer project. It will allow garden members more flexibility on how and when they want to be involved. It will also allow members to be more engaged with a specific project as well as with fellow community garden members. Members do not have to be on a team but are encourage to explore this rewarding experience. Workdays will still be held once a month and members are still able to carryout individual volunteer tasks approved by the Garden Manager.

How to choose what team to be on?

There are many reasons to choose to be on a team:

  • You know a lot about the topic or project
  • You don't know anything about the topic or project and want to learn
  • You are interested in the topic or project
  • You think the topic of project is important
  • You know the other people on the team
  • You don't know anyone else on the team
  • You are so excited to be involved!

As you can see their are a whole range of reasons to be on a team. Dive right in! Feel free to ask questions and help shape this to your vision of what the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden is and can be!


  • Steering Committee
         - Admin (lead meetings)
         - Membership
         - Treasurer
  • Community Building
         - Potlucks
         - Kids Crew
         - Gleaning Crew- Produce sharing/donations
         - Welcome and assistance
  • Garden Maintenance
         - Permaculture Food Forest
               - Guild Care
         - Compost Crew
               - Compost Pile
               - Vermicomposting
         - Insectary
         - Herb Crew
         - Snack Plot
         - Entryway Landscaping
         - Construction
         - Seed Saving
  • Garden Mentoring
         - Advice, training, mentorship, mini-workshops, etc.
  • Other ideas?

If you have an idea for something that needs to be done at the community garden talk to the Garden Manager and find one or two members who would like to help you!

 *NEW* We need Team Leaders! Team Leaders will be responsible for coordinating their team members as the team plans, communicates, learns, and works on projects.

Responsibilities will entail checking in with me each month about plans and work, organizing a time for the team to meet each month, helping to delegate tasks, asking the rest of the garden ohana for help, and generally supporting the team to accomplish what you set out to do.

Each Team Leader for their additional volunteer responsibilities will be awarded an additional year that they can continue to garden at OKCG (currently there is a 3-year maximum membership before you must be put back on the waitlist (that means if you joined in 2014 this is your last year before you have to go back on the waitlist). Note: Founding Members have a 5-year maximum.

Members, to sign up for a team please email Garden Manager, mia@thegardenprojectswcolorado.org

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