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Ohana Kuleana Community Garden 2016 Season Highlights

In 2016 our 35 groups of garden 'ohana harvested over 2,600 lbs. of produce! Yum!


Here are some of the highlights from the season...

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Giving back to our soil (without breaking our backs!)

I am not scared of my heavy, clay soil anymore!

Turns out there is a great tool that helps amend your soil (down to 12 inches!) while preserving the vital soil structure neccessary for healthy, living soil without breaking our backs in the process! It's called a broadfork


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OKCG October Workday: Winterizing the Food Forest

This time of year we are getting the garden ready for winter. In the food forest that means making a nice bed for our perennial plants.

Fall is a good time to plant trees. Once the leaves fall off the tree go ahead and plant it. You can help the plant get a head start on the spring by encouraging root growth in the fall.


Strong roots equals a strong tree.

We wanted to encourage root growth in our already planted trees as well. Here is what we did:

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Seed Saving Basics: Cultivating Community Resilience Workshop


Rachel reminded us that when we look at a seed even though "we don't necessarily see anything there is a vital life force" contained within.

The food that we depend on to survive and thrive is contained within that tiny seed.

Here is what we learned about preserving that precious resource, about saving seeds:

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Over 2 months ago I started a journey to transform my leadership abilities.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this possible for me. Over 20 community members donated to help me be able to afford this valuable training. THANK YOU!

I enrolled in the 9-week Leadership training course, Climbing the Leadership Ladder. 

My vision is to grow a healthier community by empowering and engaging people to use their experience, passion, skills, and knowledge to shape our community.


But how do I EMPOWER people? How do I meaningfully ENGAGE people?

I understood these words theoretically but I was stuck when it came to actual practice.

This leadership training helped me find the tools I need and, even more importantly, helped me learn to BE the leader I want to be.

Here is a little peak into my leadership journey:

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Canning 101: Apricots!

My world has always involved a grocery store where, any time of the year, I can choose from an array of food (apples, bell peppers, kiwi!, asparagus!, and more).

I am guessing that has been your experience too. But that wasn't always an option. Before super markets and international shipping, in order to eat people had to rely on what was growing at the moment or what they could store. And after a snowy winter in Colorado you can bet folks came up with some very resourceful ways to ensure they had food throughout the year - whether that was drying, dry storage in root cellars, to fermenting, and eventually to freezing and canning.


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Thanks to FLC Rec Services from OKCG

Thank you to the Fort Lewis College Rec Services Professional Staff and Interns who come out to plant a guild in our food forest in August!


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Healthy Microbiome Workshop - July 2016

Your Health and the Microbiomes in Your Gut & Garden -
Conservation Education Workshop July 2016

robknight_tedbooks_microbes1.jpg"It turns out that we are only 10 percent human: for every human cell that is intrinsic to our body, there are about 10 resident microbes — including commensals (generally harmless freeloaders) and mutualists (favor traders) and, in only a tiny number of cases, pathogens." - Michael Pollen

If our bodies are 90% microbes then we should be paying attention to them!

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OKCG July Workday 2016: Peach Guild

Progress on our Permaculture Food Forest continues. This time under the experienced direction of Grant and Kathy Curry from the Permaculture Provision Project.


At our July Workday we planted a Peach Tree Guild!

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Vermicomposting Workshop - Conservation Education Series

IMG_20160615_182427_250.jpgWe kicked off the Conservation Education Series with a workshop about every gardener and farmer's small friend - the worm!

One of our most basic resources as a grower of any size, from home gardeners to large producers, is our soil! It provides the medium for our plants to grow in plus holds the water, air, nutrients, and microbes our plants need to grow and thrive.

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