Needham School Garden


Needham Elementary School located at:
2425 W. 3rd Ave, Durango. Garden located at intersection of Columbine Dr. and Arroyo Dr. 
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2018 Summer Workdays:
Love Out Loud Group Workday - Saturday June 9th.

Roving Garden Crew - Wednesday June 13th 5:30 - 6:30 (Open to public, no RSVP needed)



Garden description:

The Needham school garden was started in 2007 with eight vegetable beds. The hope was to offer a hands-on outdoor component to traditional education while supporting the growing “farm to school” movement that was gaining traction across the country. Our vision was to get students outside planting, tending-to, and harvesting their own food. The fresh vegetables would go to neighbors, their own homes, and the cafeteria, seeing it incorporated into their school lunches.

With support and dedication from the Needham community, The Garden Project of Southwest Colorado and CSU Extension, the garden has now tripled in size with twenty-four vegetable beds (one for each classroom), six ornamental beds that are primarily designed using the International Baccalaureate curriculum, outdoor picnic tables, rotating art and musical pieces, and much more.

Our goals are to supply the cafeteria with fresh, nutritious food, tying the garden to our state standards and IB curriculum, and most of all to have additional opportunities for the children to recognize and appreciate that all of us are making a difference!

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In 2015 we recieved a $10,000 grant from The Payroll Department for our School Garden Programs.

Support from the Payroll Department Grant this past year has really helped launch our school garden programs to a new level. As a result of our successful pilot of garden-based science curriculum at Needham Elementary this past school year, we are now working with 9R School District to expand these programs to all 7 elementary schools in the future!