Manna Market - FREE! Fresh Local Produce

Our Manna Market will return Spring 2018!

The market is held at the Manna Soup Kitchen (1100 Avienda Del Sol, Durango, CO) on Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6:00 P.M during the growing season. TGP receives produce donations from local farmers and distributes it for free to food insecure individuals and families. Food secure community members are also welcome with a suggested donation to the program. 


TGP Partnership with Manna Soup Kitchen and San Juan Basin Public Health

The Garden Project and Manna teamed up with San Juan Basin Public Health's WIC program and Roberta Shirley Head Start preschool for a second year to distribute fresh produce to families with young children. Watch this video to learn more!


 Below is information for for farmers or community donors.

We will accept food donations again in Spring 2018.