Harvest Tracking

OKCG_6.3.15_-001.JPGHelp keep track of how many pounds of produce we harvest this season! In 2014 season we harvested 1,500 lbs! Wow!

This tracking helps us get grants since many of the benefits of community gardens are hard to quantify (e.g. building relationships, learning new skills, etc) and this is one number that gives an idea as to how much fresh produce we are eating! Grant money helps fund projects like the Education Pavilion and the Food Forest.

Here's how to use the harvest tracking system!
     1. Harvest your bountiful produce.
     2. Weigh your produce with the scale by the main gate by putting it into the hanging bucket.
     3. Inside the black clipboard, record the weight exactly what the scale says, garden manager will subtract the weight of the bucket later. 
     4. Record the types of produce harvested.
     5. Enjoy your delicious, community-garden-grown produce!

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