Garden-Based Science Lessons


Garden-Based Science Lessons:


These lessons are aligned to grade specific science standards and are offered to schools who do not have large school garden infrastructure or a teacher on staff utilizing the garden consistently for academic lessons.These science or nutrition lessons can be carried out in the classroom.


Garden-Based Science Lessons take place in the months outside of the growing season, as no school garden infrastructure is necessary. It also adds some teaching time to our slower season.
We carve out about 2 weeks for each school to receive lessons and invite teachers to sign up. Each lesson is 45 minutes to an hour.


We provide these lessons at schools without garden infrastructure or a set garden educator. This includes Florida Mesa, Sunnyside, Park, and Riverview Elementary Schools (though Riverview does have the infrastructure/education at the Ohana Kuleana Community Garden). In 2018 we also offered lessons at the Juniper School in Durango.


All grades to any of the elementary schools listed above. We are open to providing lessons at new schools in La Plata County!


These lessons are tied to state education standards and expose students who may not otherwise have exposure to healthy eating & gardening science education through interactive activities.