Farmer Days

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Farmer Days


A school-wide event that allows 9-R students to meet and work in their schools gardens alongside a local farmer (typically farmers who are part of the Farm to School bid). Students and farmers prepare school gardens for the winter during the fall and plant their garden together in the spring.


We hold a Farmer Days event in the Spring and Fall.
Schools decide whether or not they would like to participate, and if so, how many days they would like us there with a farmer.


The PTO’s of participating schools pay each farmer a $125 stipend per day.
Zia usually donates gift cards to give to farmers to cover their lunch for the day.
TGP educators generally bring in an extra activity for half of the class to do during Farmer Days. This may be something educational or a garden maintenance/beautification project. $15 per each day at a school.


It is up to the school if they would like to join, so this could vary from year to year. Schools who generally participate:
Fall: Needham, Riverview
Spring: Needham, Riverview, Animas Valley, Fort Lewis Mesa


Once we confirm a date with a school, we create a signup method for teachers and base a Farmer Days schedule off of that. Farmer Days is open to the whole school, but grades and classes who participate depends on which teachers sign up.



We collaborate with local farmers and CSU Extension La Plata County to put this on, as well as point teachers at the schools and all of the local businesses who donate materials in the Fall.



This event is very hands on and experiential. Giving students the opportunity to work in the garden with a professional farmer gives them a sort of career day. Students learn by doing and get to do a Q&A with farmers at the end of the lesson.