Backyard Garden Give-Away

The Backyard Garden Giveaway is one of our favorite past projects and with future funding we look forward to offering the program again.  If you would like to sponsor a backyard garden giveaway please contact us.

2011 WINNERS: 

Two gardens were chosen as backyard garden winners this year. Each received hands on installation, transplants, seeds, planting guides and a slot in the 12 week Backyard Food Production class with CSU Extension.  The Matas in the Animas Valley and the 911 Communication Center were both chosen and now have gardens in full summer swing.

911 CENTER: We started with 2 raised beds and a drip irrigation system, a hand crafted deer hoop fence, and hopes of expanding after this first growing season.  Employees work 12 hour shifts at the 911 center and are able to harvest fresh foods from the garden to enjoy during their shift as well as take some food home to their friends and family.

THE MATA FAMILY BACKYARD GARDEN: The Mata Family: Shaunna, Mark, Cameron, and Riley have their first full family veggie garden this year with everything from greens and garlic to chard, onions, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins.  The Matas hope to share their garden to inspire neighbors and teach their children about healthy eating.

2010 WINNER:

A new winner or should we say winners were chosen for the 2010 Backyard Garden site.  The neighbors on Alamo Street in Durango partnered together to create a neighborhood garden in 2010. The Garden Project, FLC Environmental Center offered a hand by teaming together again to provide supplies, technical support, gardening classes and hands on support to make this year’s garden even more successful.  A new drip system, soil amendments and garden work days were offered as part of the package.  The neighborhood garden team is also sharing a Backyard Garden Class from CSU Extension as part of their gift!  Good luck to the Alamo Gang!

2009 WINNER:

Over 90 applications were submitted and judged on creativity, need, and ability to impact the community.  They were funny, heartbreaking and awe inspiring.  After narrowing it down to five finalists and doing home visits to each location, The Manore Family was chosen! Special thanks to 12 year-old Alexis for filling out the application.

Folks from The Garden Project, Fort Lewis College Environmental Center, Backyard Harvest and the Manores double dug and sheet composted the new 400 square foot garden.  The garden was filled with tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and broccoli starts and corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers seeds (to name a few), should sprout in the following weeks.  The Manore Family will keep us apprised of their season and harvest and will continue their garden experience with a class on Homescale Production by CSU Extension in the fall. Rob, LaDonna, Darius (5), Alexis (12), Rose and Grandpa will all help care for the garden and enjoy its rewards!

Thanks to Amy, Darcy, Jason, Zach, Erin, Caryna, Marcus, Shari and all the Manores for a fun day, a great meal and a rewarding experience. 

We will continue to seek resources and funds to bring many more gardens to the homes of many more families. Let us know if you can help in the effort to bring homegrown food to more backyards.